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  • Muay Thai Sri Lanka

    The Sri lanken Branch of the Muay Thai Academy of America was launched in 2014 under the distinguished patronage of the Royal Thai Ambassador of Sri lanka. this was a historic moment and the beginning of a new chapter in Muay Tthai Kickboxing in Sri Lanka.


    Thai Boxing is a martial art with origins in ancient battlefield tactics of the Siamese army. Muay Thai is known as “King of the Ring” in kickboxing circles. Thai training methods develop devastating power, speed and superb cardio-vascular endurance as well as the fighting spirit

  • FOR WHOM (For everybody)

    This program is designed with the idea that there is place for everybody in martial arts. 
    And the purpose of doing martial arts may vary from person to person, males to females, students to office staff, hardcore fighters to general self-defense learners. 
    These courses focus on physical and mental wellbeing of professional and students with lower physical activity levels in their day to day life



Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwanand (IFMA Chairman) and Mr Miran Nilangana (Manger International – Muay thai Sri Lanka)


Pongsan Cheunniran and Miran Nilangana, Asoka jayarathna at  The World Muaythai Ekyotin Gym USA


Thailand national boxing coach with - Miran Nilangama. Asoka jayarathan ,kumudu presanna at Dejrat MuayThai Academy in BaTiland


Ajarn surat – Thailand national coach( boxing & muay thai )  with mtaslb- Miran Nilangama. Asoka jayarathan ,kumudu presanna at Dejrat Muay Thai Academy Bangkok Thailand.